How to Win Your Odds When Playing Online Slot Games

Welcome where you learn about online slot games and how to increase your chances of winning. The simplicity of online slot games causes players to disregard the need for strategies when playing. While luck plays a significant role in the outcome of the slot games, players should use specific strategies to increase their chances of winning. Slots use a Random Number Generator that makes every spin random and independent of the other. It is this feature that also ensures fair play among players. Every time the player clicks the spin button, the slot machine selects a random combination of symbols.

The probability of winning a payout depends on several factors-the number of symbols assigned to the slot game, the number of reels and the randomly generated pattern which aligns the winning set of symbols. As a result, the possibility of winning a large amount in slots is pretty slim. What’s more, with casinos barely disclosing the odds on slots machines, players can only rely on instinct and luck. The discussion highlights useful strategies players can use when playing online slots:

  1. 💡 Understand Slots Lingo

First, you need to understand the game’s unique terminologies. It is the primary step to knowing the appropriate strategies to use in order to win. They include:

  • Reels

It is what the player spins to create a winning combination. The reels are either three or five and consist of two components: the pay lines and the symbols. The game’s symbols are printed on one reel and spin independent of the other. When the reels have stopped turning, the matching symbols arranged across the active pay line unlock the prize. There are 1-50 pay lines spread across the reels but this number varies based on the slot game.

  • Paylines

It is a betting line where the winning combination is displayed. When the slot machines were first introduced, only one payline was used and players only won if there were three matching symbols were displayed on the horizontal line. Modern online slot games however have several paylines that run from left to right across the screen.

  • RTP

Online slots are rated based on the frequency of paying out prize money often referred to as volatility. This metric is assessed using the RTP (Return to player) and usually ranges around 90%. A low RTP means the game is less likely to pay out a cash prize. As a result, such games have award players smaller prizes frequently. In stark contrast, high volatility games don’t offer many wins but when the player wins, they award large sums of money. The RTP is based on the probability of the symbols lining up on the pay line the player bets on.

  • Bonuses

Slot games offer in-game bonuses in different forms- free spins, instant cash and multipliers. The cash bonuses can be cashable or non-cashable. Players can keep the cashable slot bonuses when they have met the wager requirements. However, for the non-cashable bonus, the player bets and keeps the prizes but he can’t keep the bonus. Bonuses are unlocked when the player rolls in scatters (bonus symbols) and wilds (symbols used to substitute others).

  • Scatter Symbols

The symbols generate various outcomes: bonus rounds, coin prizes and free spins. Three or more scatter should appear on the reels (in no specific order) to obtain the awards. Some slots allow one or two scatter to generate a small prize. Scatter symbols can also multiply the player’s win by 2x or 3x. The symbols can be displayed anywhere on the screen.

  • Bet

A player should wager before spinning the slot. He can set one, a few or all of these options; lines (the number of lines in the play), coin size (the cash price of the bet), and coins (number of bets made per line). If the gameplay allows the player to bet on more than one variable, the sum of the two values determines the size of the whole bet.

  • Hit Frequency

It is displayed as a percentage to show the number of times a slot machine will stop its spinning on a winning combination. Thus, a slot game with a hit frequency of 25% requires four spins to generate one winning combination. It does not mean a high hit frequency increases the player’s overall winnings as factors such as the size of the prize and the RTP also come into play. The player should combine the hit frequency and the RTP that gives him an edge when choosing the online slot to play.

  1. ❌ Avoid Progressive Jackpots

There are two types of slot games-the progressive and the random. Random jackpots are fixed and occur randomly. Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, pool players’ money to increase the winning amount. The jackpot comes in multi-slot forms with a group of machines working together to create a growing mega jackpot. The idea that the player can become a millionaire within a short period is what lures so many players into playing the progressive jackpot; a strategy they should avoid.

Some critics have a different view about progressive jackpots. They argue that since each spin on the progressive jackpot is an independent event, players should bet on the gold. While this argument makes sense slot machines have different payout rates. Random jackpots increase the player’s probability of hitting the jackpot even if it has a smaller payout. Progressive jackpots require players to spend large sums of cash with lower chances of hitting the jackpot.

  1. 🏆 Bet on all the Paylines

The concept of pay lines plays a significant role when playing both land-based and online casinos. Sadly, most new bettors ignore the concept until they have started calculating the total coins won or building a winning spin. The number of paylines on a slot machine affects the player’s bankroll, winning chances and fun depending on how many he wants to play with.

A slot machine that has 25 winning paylines, for example, calls for the player to bet 1 pence on each payline. However, the player can bet on all the paylines to increase his chances of winning. Note that some slot machines allow fixed paylines where the players needs to bet on all of them; others are variable letting the player choose the number of paylines he can play and the amount he wants to bet on each line. The fewer the paylines he plays, the less the chance of winning though each spin will cost a lesser amount.

  1.  🎮 Play High Payback Games

Such games have bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers and wilds which help increase your bankroll and the probability of hitting the jackpot. These value add-ons are imperative regardless of whether you are playing a small or maximum bet. Free spins will allow you to play without using the amount in your bankroll while multiplying your winnings. Players should go through the slot the instructions on the slot games before playing to ensure they offer all these benefits.

  1. 📈 Place the Maximum Bet

When placing a bet, the player needs to choose the value of coins he will play and the amount of coins he wants to play on each bet. It is because online slots only change the multiplier but provide identical payouts whether the player bets on 1,2 or more coins. As such a player who bets on four $0.50 coins should not expect the same payout if he bet on one $2 coin. A one coin bet has a multiplier of 1x while a two-coin bet has a multiplier of 2 and so on. The difference occurs when the player bets a maximum number of coins allowed by the machine, as the multiplier is higher than the number of coins invested in the game. As such, if you want to win big, bet big.

  1. ✅ Select The Right Games

Slot games have different variances which describe the frequency of payouts. The size of the payout and the win rate vary significantly as there are infinite combinations of the two. As such, slot games are categorized as:

  • Low Variance games: the slot pays out after few spins though the wins are small
  • Medium variance games: the slot provides a decent number of small wins but also offers large prizes. In fact, it combines the features of a low variance slot and a high variance one
  • High variance games: the slots award large wins but the payouts are less frequent

Understanding which slots to play depends on the gamer’s playing style. If he is patient, has a large bankroll and want to garner on a large payout then high variance slot games suit him bet. But, if he wants the reassurance of small, frequent prices low variance games are ideal. The pay tables should guide the player when choosing the appropriate slot game.

  1. 🤑 Manage Your Bankroll

You need to know the amount of money you intend to spend and win. If you want to make good money and have fun, you need a high bankroll. You also need to determine the full betting range of the slot games you are playing as it affects your bankroll. A small bankroll restricts you from playing expensive bets per spin hence the need to find a slot game that fits your budget.